Amelia Lancaster originally trained as an architect and set designer before becoming an artist and photographer. She won a National Set Design Competition to work at the BBC and worked as an Art Director on Channel 4 for a contemporary Opera.

Amelia’s work has been exhibited in The Courtauld Institute East Wing Biennial, Proud and Velorose Galleries.

Since November 2017 Amelia has been Artist in Residence for the London Borough of Brent on The South Kilburn Housing Estate. She is documenting the urban transformation of the area during an extensive period of regeneration through exclusive access to all the empty blocks, demolition, and construction sites. This combines her interests of Brutalist Architecture and Modernist Housing Estates. Recent work from these endeavours has been exhibited in The Royal Academy Summer Exhibition 2019.

Amelia is exhibiting at The Roundhouse in a collaboration with FUBUNATION fusing movement and imagery. The exhibition portrays physical strength with grace and tenderness in a way that challenges male stereotypes mirroring themes explored in the ‘Ruins’ performance. This series of images tackles the ‘myth of masculinity within the Pan – African diaspora’ and drew inspiration from Rhys and Waddah’s experiences of navigating the world as black men from strong cultural ties.

Amelia is also working on an exhibition for Brent Council commemorating the centenary of the Addison Act and the start of social housing. This upcoming work will also feature Waddah Sinada and Rhys Dennis of FUBUNATION and celebrate the talents and lives of other Brent tenants.